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Filmmaker. Composer. Educator. Storyteller.

Eli's mission as a filmmaker:

  1. Focus primarily on cultures and communities in parts of the world which are typically disproportionately represented in a negative manner by mainstream media in most western cultures (Central America and the Middle East, for example) to promote empathy and understanding in a non-partisan fashion.

  2. Celebrate and promote festivals or other cultural activities which have a very high level of importance to the strength of communities and the livelihood of its people.

  3. Reveal to a diverse international audience what the cultures being documented really are from the voices of the people of those cultures themselves - rather than making political propaganda.

  4. Highlight and showcase the stories and experiences which are shared first hand by the people from each location to promote cross-cultural humanity and empathy.

  5. Encourage critical thinking about culture and empathy towards ones which are unfamiliar to bring people closer together in order to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

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