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Eli's Blog

First post- Just finished my website!

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for checking out my website, and for reading my first blog post! I wrote this before I made the website go live, and am talking a bit about why I have decided to make it and how I did it.

I wanted to make a website for two main reasons.

  1. To provide information about my private lessons and make myself visible to people who are looking into taking guitar lessons. I love to teach people and watch the learning process happen in front of me, so it was of my goals to make a website that would attract people that I could share my love for music with.

  2. To have somewhere to store all of my best artistic work so that I could share it with my friends, family, and potential collaborators. As I continue to improve my own musicianship, this website will also serve as an archive that I can use to track my progress over time.

Why did I decide to make a website now, as a student?

I knew that sooner rather than later, I would need to have a website in order to make a living in music. I also was wary that once I get to college I'm not going to have enough time to spend on aligning text boxes and nitty-gritty design stuff that I won't bore you with. So I decided to get to work on something that turned out to be a lot of fun (I got to listen to a bunch of podcasts while putting it together).

How did I do it?

With all the free website building platforms out there, like Weebly, Wordpress, and Squarespace, I was a bit overwhelmed in trying to figure out which one would be best for me.

I started out by spending a few hours watching videos on YouTube posted by the Berklee Career Development Center. Among them was a presentation on how to create an artist website by a woman who works at, the platform on which I made this website. Her presentation laid out a great model for building a website and gave a simple and easy to follow tutorial on how to use it.

After watching a few videos, I was pumped up and excited so I quickly got to work on writing an outline for my website in Google Drive. About a week later, after spending over fifteen hours brainstorming, organizing, and actually putting it together, I finished my website and wrote this blog post.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog! I will try to post a new blog every two-three weeks, covering topics such as my own musical endeavors, tips for practicing, and what's going on in my life! (I promise to be positive, don't worry)

- Eli


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