Eli Slavkin



Now offering discounted online lessons on Zoom, Facetime, and Skype!
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Location / Schedule:

  • Eli is currently based in Jerusalem, Israel. He is available to teach in-person lessons in Jerusalem as well as private lessons online with students anywhere in the world. Sign up to find a time that works for you.



  • Price ranges from $50-75 an hour, depending on desired length of lesson, how often the lessons are scheduled for, age of student, location of lessons, and level of music experience (beginner/intermediate/advanced). Price will be negotiated before the first lesson.

New student discount:


For new students who commit to four lessons,

the third and fourth lesson will be discounted 50%!

Example student (beginner adult, once a week, one hour lesson):


Lesson 1- $60
Lesson 2- $60

Lesson 3- $30
Lesson 4- $30

Lesson 5 and on- $60


New Student Referral Program


You will receive one FREE 30-minute lesson for every student that you refer only after they have completed and paid for their first hour of lessons. Please make sure that they remember to provide your name when they sign up for their first lesson so that you can receive your free 30-minute lesson. Even when his schedule is full and he is unable to accept additional students, Eli will maintain a waitlist to keep track of all the students who you have referred, meaning there is no limit on how many students you can refer, and therefore you can continue to receive free 30-minute lessons even if the student you refer is waitlisted!


(If a student you refer is waitlisted, you will receive your free 30-minute lesson after they have completed and paid for their first hour of lessons, no matter how long they are on the waitlist.)


Lesson cancellation policy

  • Eli understands that unexpected commitments or problems may come up on occasion. That is why he is willing to offer makeup lessons for all lessons that are cancelled up to two hours before your scheduled lesson at no additional charge. If you have to cancel within two hours of your scheduled lesson, he will still offer a makeup for an additional $15.

  • It is Eli’s goal to do his best to not cancel lessons after you have booked them. In the unlikely event that he has to cancel, he will call you no later than 24 hours before (unless it's an emergency) your scheduled time and will let you reschedule a makeup lesson at 50% off as an apology for any inconvenience. 


What does Eli teach?


The subjects at Berklee in which Eli was certified to teach as a Master Certified Tutor by the College Reading and Learning Association include:


  • Harmony (Jazz)

  • Tonal Harmony and Composition

  • Arranging

  • Counterpoint

  • Ear Training

  • Conducting



If you are planning to attend Berklee, Eli will be able to help prepare you with knowledge that will help you to test out of courses and save thousands of dollars on your degree. Even if you don't plan to attend Berklee, the musical concepts which Eli will teach you will make you a more well-rounded musician whether you are a producer, songwriter, composer, performer - you name it. Eli also teaches musical skills on guitar using contemporary music genres while enforcing traditional concepts. He teaches guitar as well as music theory skills which can be applied towards being able to play, hear and understand any musical genre.